The Diet Pills of the Writing Industry

You know how the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar monster!?  And how, when you truly seek health, there are no diet pills, shakes, or miracles out there more healthy and valuable than your own hard work?  If you want to be healthy, you get up off your butt and you move your body. You put the proper fuel inside to create the energy to do this. Fruits. Vegetables. We all know deep down inside that is the true key.  But that doesn’t stop the robbing of millions of desperate souls of their hard earned money, does it? Billions of dollars are tossed at whatever the latest fad is that promises the perfect results. Results never seen before with any other program or eating regime.

What of the writing industry? Are there truly “miracle” workshops that take your mediocre writing and morph it into a literary agent’s fantasy? If you are already well-versed on proper grammar and spell like Akeelah, do you need to take courses and have eyes critique pages and pages of your writing before you submit your first work to an agent or publishing house?

I’d love to hear your opinions below in the comments. Those who write. Those who have become successful in the industry. What say you about the path to publishing and fame?  I cannot wait to hear if, indeed, you only need put the words on paper and boldly submit! Or if courses, workshops, instructional books, magazines, and the like truly do carve out a better writer.



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