The Lego Movie AKA New Love of Batman

I must say that I was excited to go check out the Lego Movie! I know I’m in my 40’s with grown children, but I couldn’t wait!  And that movie did NOT disappoint! I loved it!  What a super concept!  It made me want to go immediately buy a ton of Legos.  Then I remembered that this isn’t the 80’s and Legos have exponentially increased in price!  Those suckers are expensive! 


But, the movie is amazing for children and adults, alike. It carries a wonderful sub-plot to never be too busy for your child!  Also, allow your child to create!  Don’t force a certain standard on them. Ahh, it was just fabulous!  I am pleased my cousin and his son got to attend the movie. By the texts I got afterwards, he was just as pleased with the movie as I was.  Go see it!  Really!  I don’t care if you have kids or not!

And, by the way, Batman is hysterical!  That voice!  Just the way the movie portrays him. Oh my gosh. I now must have a tiny Batman Lego man for my desk. 😛  If any of you see one, grab him and send him my way, will ya?


Hope your weekend was amazing!  And remember.. you only get ONE life!  Live it!


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