Musings From Reading An Article on Church Marriages

All I can say is God knows my prayers for finding a husband, and he knows I’ve been single for years while following the mentality of “Waiting on the Lord”… Um, what can churches DO?  Pair up them singles!  😛  Facilitate counseling and nudging potential matches toward each other. There should be Singles classes that are designed to prayerfully bond like-minded singles together and move them onward to Married classes. If there are singles among the church congregation whom wish to be single and have no desire for marriage, then they can have their Ladies groups or Mens groups and tailor their studies and events towards those needs. Am I crazy? Too idealistic?  Are semi-arranged marriages so barbaric?  I perhaps have been single too long and have lost touch with reality. But in so many ways, I’d love for the church to hand me a prayerfully chosen mate to share life with.  

Random thoughts began from seeing this article and went from there:


One thought on “Musings From Reading An Article on Church Marriages

  1. There is a show called ‘It Takes A Church” hosted by Natalie Grant. Sounds like you could be a prime candidate on the show!

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