From Darkness Into Light

IMG_0509I realize I am one of very few who do not celebrate the “New Year”. Many left their jobs early excited to run home and dress for their parties. Some are hosting in their homes and drawing near to their families to welcome 2015. I was hugged by coworkers who exclaimed “Happy New Year!”  But me?  I mumbled some inaudible “yeah you, too” and I just continued to work. Head lowered and fitfully typing away, I continued to finish up work at a company I dislike and dread going home to the same old routine.

It is a bitterness of years past that keeps me from enjoying this evening or seeing this as a happy occasion. Societies and individuals will not change because the clock moves forward. In fact, the Bible tells of us only falling further and further into darkness, violence, and destruction. Why celebrate the world’s moving ever closer to its end?

I have been in prayer about my attitude and about my lack of care about the turning of the calendar pages, and I have been convicted and shown reasons why the Lord wishes there to be no hesitation in embracing every second we have been gifted by His grace and mercy.

But how do I overcome my depression?  Why should I find the light when I’m so tired and convinced there is no hope?  Because God has gifted me with another hour here. Because I am still breathing, I can still be the light in the world I find so desperately lacking in so many ways. John 1:5 says “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” That word (understood) in Greek means to realize, grasp, or find out. I think until our Lord returns I should shine understanding and truth into the darkness. I should use my time wisely not only to draw closer to my Lord, but to also share with others my desire for greater understanding, peace, and love.

My eyes are red with exhaustion and defeat. But, I am fervently praying for my God to fill me with HIS spirit and HIS energy. I am asking in Jesus name for joy. Not “happiness” but a deeply rooted “JOY” to fill my heart and feed me so that I can be of use to Him. To help those who may be suffering more than I am. To SHINE BRIGHT.

Praise God for His continued patience with His dear child who only wants to know Him all the more in 2015. I resolve to:

1. Count my BLESSINGS!  What better way to attack the Devil, and depression, and evil than to be BLESSED and KNOW IT!

2. READ MY BIBLE!  Look out, wicked one. I am armed!

3. Drink more water and appreciate better the “temple” the Lord has given me.

4. Attend church whether “feeling it” or not! I will be gathered together with like-minded brothers and sisters! Strength in numbers. Power!  “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

5. PRAY SCRIPTURES!  My friend, Nicole, has enlightened me to praying scriptures and praises and I am going to embrace that! I will keep a journal and keep notes about the year’s prayers, answers, and praises.

I know you read this and wonder, what else??  You see that I’m spiritual and there is nothing wrong with being religious or spiritual, but…. do I have anything else to resolve? Goals that don’t involve my Bible? The answer is no. The world has enough lukewarm Christians.

I am His and He is mine. And yours! All you have to do is ask. BE THE LIGHT IN 2015!


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