When reading fiction novels, does anyone else feel like the books always end rapidly? Too quickly? It’s not that I think that the books aren’t long enough.  I just feel like I spend 29 chapters out of a 30 chapter book building up the story, learning about the characters, establishing the conflict, and then ONE chapter just wraps it all up and the book is over. Done. Finished. I read 250 pages of building up to the climax and get to the whole point of the story, to take 10 pages to completely resolve everything. /sigh  I don’t know what I’m expecting. I mean, books HAVE to end (unless they’re series).  I just feel “dropped” at the end.

I’ve had several books that I just wanted to write the authors letters and ask how the characters are doing today.

Comment below with some good fiction novels that caused you to fall inlove with the characters, want to be their friend, desire to know them long after you’ve come to the end of the book. 🙂


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