Food Since The Garden

Food has been part of humanity since the Garden of Eden.  Even back then we struggled with food.  Have you ever thought about that?   I’ve struggled with food my entire life. I was a very thin child, but I was a very unhealthy eater even back then. Once my metabolism slowed down in adulthood and pregnancies happened, I never stopped “growing” so to speak.

Fruits and vegetables look amazing and colorful. I love the appearance of them.  But I dislike the taste.  Whether it’s the texture or bitterness, I cannot say what I dislike more about them, but they’ve been a struggle for me since the beginning of my lifetime.

I’ve read how our bodies were made by God for foods that are Garden of Eden approved. 😛  There is a Daniel Fast that speaks of Daniel eating only fresh foods and not those richly processed for the King. There is a Paleo diet that reaches back to only those foods that can be found naturally. I even have a program on my Facebook that I follow called “Fully Raw” and this woman is the picture of brightness, health, and perfect skin and muscle tone.  I want what these plans have to offer. But I cannot want it bad enough to actually switch over even a meal or two to such eating.

It’s a struggle. And it’s been around since the Garden. So I think all I can do is pray, pray, pray.  Drink lots of water. And submit myself to “suffering” through trying to find a way to eat healthier without sacrificing every ounce of happiness I have.

Have a blessed Sunday!  In an emergency, remember to dial 9:11  (That’s in Psalms, y’all.)  “Sing praises to the Lord, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what he has done.”  —  No matter what your circumstance, whether struggling with food, illness, or finances, sing praises and know that the Lord’s got this. He’s on his throne. Trust in Him. Lean on His strength. 🙂


One thought on “Food Since The Garden

  1. I try to remind myself that food is strictly meant to sustain our bodies, not for our comfort or pleasure. I am guilty of always eating for pleasure rather than simply to fuel and energize my body. A lesson very hard for us Americans that have too easy access to foods that simply comfort, not keep us healthy.

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