Cooking Adventures with Laurel

I have begun cooking nightly meals. I know I should have done this when my children were younger but I just never seemed to get around to having more time to prepare more than a hamburger helper or a cookie sheet full of chicken nuggets and french fries!  You all know “that” family.  Where you open the freezer and it’s jammed with bags and boxes.  Open the fridge and there’s a 1/2 drunk gallon of milk and a bottle of ketchup???  Yep.  That was our family for years.  We always ordered pizza. We always went out to eat.  It was easier, faster, and seemingly cheaper back then.

But, now that I’m a bit older, I’ve eaten fast food for so many stinkin’ years that it just tastes miserable most of the time. I’ve consumed more Burger King whoppers than most!  McDonalds?  Don’t even get me started on how much I’ve eaten there.  And I truly should OWN several pizza establishments with the business I’ve forked over their direction!!  (Haha, get it?  Puns!  Yay!)

I started when my coworker purchased a Tamale steamer pot and some corn husks for me to try making my very own tamales.  The first time around was “okay” but the second time I tried it, I got better.  WAY better.  I LIKED my food!  It was luscious!  So, that began a fire within me to COOK MORE!  (HA!  Another pun!  I cannot be stopped!)

THIS WEEK!  I have begun COOKING more!  Yes, REAL cooking!  As in carve it up with a knife, dip it in some sauce, bake it/broil it/cook it!  I am still using “short cuts” such as Pillsbury pizza dough and such, but OVERALL, it’s NOT from the corner fast food joint!  It’s from my KITCHEN!!  I even have an APRON to wear!!  (Thank you, Kim Matthews!)

So, now the quest begins to find proper tools to actually get things done.  I kid you not, I have ONE pot, ONE skillet (with wobbly handle that won’t stay tightened), ONE cake pan, ONE crock pot, etc.  I don’t have the ability to truly create meals in that tiny kitchen with my limited dishes and cookware.  Any suggestions on good cookware?  I was thinking I’d just open up my Fingerhut catalog and have at that Rachael Ray set!!  😛

I’ll try to blog some of my creations.  The one last night was exquisite!  A roll of Jimmy Dean regular sausage, 2 cans of Pillsbury pizza dough, a can of tomato sauce (flavored with basil and oregano), some grated cheddar cheese, and a cookie sheet happened in my kitchen!  I created PIZZA ROLLS!  It was FABULOUS!  It was!  The boys and I devoured every bite!  If you’d like the recipe I can definitely post it, but I just wanted to share what’s new with Laurel! 😀

God bless you and your family!!!


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