The Light

Not one of us is here by accident. The Bible calls us to be purposeful.  To be the light in the darkness.  Some of us think of that statement and immediately begin to sigh and feel inadequate.  But, please remember, every single one of us is unique in our abilities and talents. Where we find joy may not be (and probably WON’T be) where others we know find their joy.

A story told by Mark Reed (paraphrased):

My wife, Donna, loves to read. In our living room, we have installed a 150 watt light bulb in ONE of the many light sockets in the room. The 150 watt light bulb is on Donna’s side of the sofa where she sits each evening and reads. The others are 70 watt bulbs.  It’s like there’s a spotlight on her.  It is bright, allows her to read, it serves a very important and useful purpose.

In our bathroom, we have a teensy tiny small night light.  It takes a 5 watt bulb.  In the middle of the night, when I must make my way in the darkness into the bathroom, if that 5 watt bulb were not there, I would stub my toe or worse. That 5 watt bulb serves a very important and useful purpose.

The 5 watt bulb is nowhere near as bright as the 150 watt bulb.  Heck you can’t even tell that it’s on in the daytime.  But, when darkness envelopes the home, that night light is a beacon and guide and safety.  [End story.]

Be the light!!  Whatever capacity that may entail for you. Use your talents and gifts!  Don’t think your gifts aren’t as “good” as or as “bright” as the person next to you.  The person next to you has their purpose. You have yours.  Whether you’re the spotlight or the nightlight, know that you’re loved and adored by your Father and being about His business is what matters the most.  Not what the world sees, but what your Father sees in your heart.

Just made me really think about how inadequate I think I am and how I’m not able to give as much as the neighbors that live around me so affluently.  I don’t have a huge education or intellect.  I’m not gifted at public speaking.  I don’t do well around children over the age of 2.  I’m not meant to become a pastor, or children’s minister, or youth Sunday School teacher.  It’s just not my “calling”.

But.. I can type like the wind and enter in church records accurately with virtually zero mistakes!  I can set up and clean up events because I’ve been given the health and muscle to do it.  I can PRAY!  I can DRIVE!  I can mail out cards of encouragement!  I have GIFTS!  It’s all about how I use them and when I use them and IF I use them… to His Glory.

What’re your gifts?  Are you using them?  Do you know what your purpose is?  Where your talents lie?  I encourage you to take some time to ponder on what they might be and challenge you to use them a little bit in the coming weeks.

No one knows when Jesus will return!  So we need to be READY!  And be about the Father’s work!! 😀  Love y’all!  Happy Sunday!!


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