Wishing Money Rained Inside My Apartment

I have worked in “corporate” America my entire professional life. I was told at a very early age by my mother that taking typing and office classes were magical. No matter what happens to my career, I can always fall back on administrative skills to land a job in tough times. My dilemma?  I never left the administrative field.  A career never bloomed for me.

Over the past 28 years I have held numerous administrative jobs in office buildings. My experience has trained me in everything from law to real estate to the residential moving business. I have had to dress in suits to impress clientele in some offices. I have been free to wear jeans and tennis shoes in others. But, one thing remained the same no matter which atmosphere or employer came along. I was making money they decided I was worth through them. No room for growth or bonuses. Their companies thrived under my administrative talents, growing them richer, while I sat at my same wage. There was also the God-awful responsibility of showing up every single day, regardless of what life threw at me, to sit in an office from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at minimum. There was zero flexibility. If the office was scheduled to be open, I was there to manage the phones, correspondence, filing, and any administrative tasks that had to be fulfilled. Holidays were only available if my employer decided to generously grant days off. If not, my commitment to my employer was to show up. No room for discussion. No hope of change. I was a slave. A mule. Don’t think for one moment that my employers worked the same hours. My bosses never needed to come in to ensure their hourly pay. They could sleep late, go to meetings and network, attend lunches, and all manner of business escapes that kept them from the four prison walls of the office. They still made their money. Far more than my paycheck. Living far better, healthier lives because I was back at the office keeping it alive and operational. If anything came up, a quick call or text would alert them to hop to action. Otherwise, they could play while I toiled.

I’m in a desperate search in my 40’s to find ways to make money at home, or at the very least, in a more flexible environment. Call it a midlife crisis if you wish, but I call it an awakening to discover freedom from bondage and chains of the employers of the world.  But, with everyone’s wish being the same, how does someone make real money out there?  Especially if you’re not a “sales” lead generating type that has the perfect body to lure the executive to spend millions on your product or concept.

I’ve done a little research. Samantha Hess cuddles strangers in Oregon and charges $60.00/hour. Tyler Phillips is a farmer who rents out chickens. Yes, you read that right! His income is renting out his chickens!  Even kids know how to get in on the game. There is a 13 year old that started a company called “Man Cans.” All because he thought candles were far too feminine smelling and figured the guys needed some candles of their own. Think dirt, bacon, or pizza scents!  There’s always getting paid for YouTube videos or blogs. Though, I can tell you right now, I have yet to make a penny off of mine. Writing can be lucrative creating short eBooks to sell on Amazon. But, only if they sell, and there are millions of authors who pray for the same big break.  Photographers overwhelm stock photo sites with dreams of someone buying their work.  The stories are endless of ways to make money, but none seem to actually report getting that money!  People show you how, but you never see the true results in working that “how” into a “wow”!  And don’t get me started on the direct selling companies and their scams of getting rich!!

With the rise of social media, and the internet dominating the minds of our future generations, wouldn’t money-making boom on sites such as EBay, Etsy, and online stores of those natures?  I’m sending out a call for help to my readers! Help me find a lucrative, decent money-making venture that has little start-up costs, allows for flexible hours, and can be truly profitable. If we can discover a few legitimate avenues that truly do bless us with a little green rain, the second half of our lives won’t be spent hiding in a windowless office praying for even an hour outside in the sunshine. My current employer only allows for a 30 minute lunch.

Where will we find the solution?  What will we need to accomplish, learn, or work at to create our own income?  Will we find it in Real Estate?  Crafts?  Photography?  Writing?  Comment below with your successes and your ideas!  I’m ready to hear them all!


2 thoughts on “Wishing Money Rained Inside My Apartment

  1. All I can say is… When you find the answer… Let me know!! I am attempting to make a living with photography. But it is not easy. I don’t think any success of anything is easy. It’s all work.

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