The Fault in Faucets (Plural)

I have been single for many, many years. It stems from a long line of very bad relationships. One day I just decided I was DONE. And for once in my life (probably the only time in my life), I meant what I said. Because from that moment on, this bitter middle-aged lady hasn’t gotten more than a friendly hug from any romantic interest. Ever again. At times this brings peace into my world because I know that I am capable, independent, and my own person. I am all about me. No compromising. It feels good to dominate the world sometimes.  I don’t need them.  But, then there are those other times…

Plastered all over Facebook or at social gatherings.. When I see photos of families on vacation.  When I read about the newlywed adventures of friends. When beautiful new babies are born. Valentine’s Day passes with roses and candies all around. Big life decisions need to be made and I have no one to bounce ideas around with or debate options. Times when I wish I had a significant other to spend time with.  Or, heck, for no other reason than just snuggle a little while and know I’m truly loved by someone other than myself, my cats, and my kids. But I need to wait. Be patient. This patience thing has been a significant problem of mine since the day I was brought into this world. I don’t have any. And sometimes, things in this world serve as a reminder in my face that I’m still waiting.  Like double-sink vanities. Ugh.


I don’t WANT to wake up every single morning and go in to do my hair and makeup and see another sink in my life. I don’t want to go to brush my teeth and wash my face every night and the last thing I see before I go to bed alone is another blasted sink in MY bathroom!  I LOATHE DOUBLE SINKS!!

I searched Google and Pinterest to find ways to cover up this blatent obnoxiousness and do you know what I found? NOTHING. That’s right. For the first time in the history of the internet, GOOGLE and PINTEREST failed me!  They have millions of ways to convert your SINGLE sink into a DOUBLE sink. Millions of vanity ideas to expand and make room for MORE.  But nothing about covering that despicable hole to eliminate the vicious reminder that I’m alone.  Short of ripping it out and replacing it, I’m just stuck with it. And what’s sad?  It’s brand NEW!  The sellers of the home I am purchasing installed this lovely piece as a courtesy for me to help get the home ready for purchase! Spent good money to put this atrocity in. And I’m stuck with it. Until I change it.

We all know about the cost of home ownership. We all know about the repairs and constant needs that a house requires. So this, of course, is very low on the changes list due to the fact it’s new, functioning, and in perfect working order.  I hate it.

Am I the only soul alive that is disgusted by double sinks? They seem to be all the rage all over the internet. Yay for you and your need for double sinks. But, keep it down will ya?  And stop posting the latest selfies of you and your wonderful partner on my Facebook news feed. It’s just common courtesy.

But, alas, I have to face the fact that I made my decision to be single years ago. It was my choice. At the end of the day, singleness is something I worked hard to keep.  I refuse to compromise. I refuse to be treated less than I deserve. I refuse to be a piece of meat. I refuse to go against my beliefs and spirituality (YES, I REALIZE WHAT YEAR IT IS!  YES, I KNOW WE AREN’T LIVING IN THE 50’s ANYMORE!). I will stand my ground and wait for what I believe is the right one. I just wonder if “the one” is going to show up before… or after this double sink is annihilated and counter space takes over.


One thought on “The Fault in Faucets (Plural)

  1. It’s not an antiquated thing…..waiting for the right person. It’s a lost moral imperative. I praise you, and I am proud of you and your decision. “Jesus, lover of my soul.” – *hugs* I love you, girl. And I hear your heart. By the way, you should take some pics of your new home. Write about the beauty of your home and how exciting it is that you did this BY YOURSELF!!!

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