If You Could do Anything. Anything! What Would You Do?

I’m sitting here at my desk contemplating what I can do considering that the entire world is open to me right this very minute. The universe opened up and said, “Be free. Go. Do. Be.” But. What? Where? How? Obviously the time is now, but…. What’s next?

Do I…

Go sit at the ocean and write a novel?

Trade my car in for an old truck and trailer, head west, with no timeline or true course to follow?

Clean houses?

Drive for Uber?

The possibilities are as endless as the choices. And every choice comes with consequences. Ones known and ones unknown.

What would you do… if you were set free… and life was yours to direct and change course as you pleased… *breathes* ¬†Everything happens for a reason. Everything is orchestrated chaos. When asking why did this happen, why did I do that, why isn’t this happening… sometimes a violent tearing away just has to occur for motion to propel you outside your comfort zone.. and onward to something great.

For this moment, I’ll just close my eyes. Breathe in and out. And rest.


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