Writing is a passion of mine. Whether I am good or bad at it is irrelevant. The fact remains that my brain is overflowing with constant “noise” and it feels wonderful to “release” all that madness and place it into another medium. The screen. Some day I aspire to write a novel but the odds are not in my favor. I am chaotic. Disorganized. Flitting from this subject to that. I have no revelations about how to change the world. I only know that we are all humans stuck on this planet for a little while. What we do here and how we live, who we make contact with and to what degree we believe, will all matter in the end. I believe there is a purpose we are here. Our higher conscious levels are far greater than any animals we’ve encountered. We are a special race. The written word is a grand tool of communication. I hope you enjoy my writing.

Please feel free to contact me with constructive criticism, raves, or just to say hello!


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