Peering Through the Fog Into Life

I sit and wonder if I’m the only one who ever feels disconnected from life. I am a conformist. I love the norms of society. Pure and naive little girl grows up loved and surrounded by support, graduates high school, gets into a good college, meets the man of her dreams, marries, has 2.5 children, […]

Tell Me Why It’s Good Writing

What gives you the opinion that a writer is a “good” writer?  How do you judge literature?  Is it the character development? The original thought of a storyline? Or the continuity of all the story elements to create a solid work?  For me it is about getting lost in the story. If I can forget […]

The Fault in Faucets (Plural)

I have been single for many, many years. It stems from a long line of very bad relationships. One day I just decided I was DONE. And for once in my life (probably the only time in my life), I meant what I said. Because from that moment on, this bitter middle-aged lady hasn’t gotten […]

Wishing Money Rained Inside My Apartment

I have worked in “corporate” America my entire professional life. I was told at a very early age by my mother that taking typing and office classes were magical. No matter what happens to my career, I can always fall back on administrative skills to land a job in tough times. My dilemma?  I never […]

The Light

Not one of us is here by accident. The Bible calls us to be purposeful.  To be the light in the darkness.  Some of us think of that statement and immediately begin to sigh and feel inadequate.  But, please remember, every single one of us is unique in our abilities and talents. Where we find […]

Cooking Adventures with Laurel

I have begun cooking nightly meals. I know I should have done this when my children were younger but I just never seemed to get around to having more time to prepare more than a hamburger helper or a cookie sheet full of chicken nuggets and french fries!  You all know “that” family.  Where you […]